Aaron writes about startups, technology, identity, politics, and the future. He produces research-driven pieces, marketing-based blog content, and short stories. His work has been featured in publications such as The Ascent, Lit Up, VentureFizz, and Greenhorn Connect.



Tell Me About Me: A Reflection on Identity in Europe and America. (Medium)

One thing I agree with Peter Thiel About: Our Silly Conservatism (To New Ideas). (Medium)

The Growing Season: What Farming Taught Me About Life (Medium)

Doing Life Right: Is That My Mountain In The Distance? (The Ascent)


Content Marketing:

How to Find Your First Warehouse Without the Headache (LinkedIn)

Power Up Your Next Workout with Tea: 7 Reasons Tea Kicks Ass (DaiManuel.com)

Thinking of Launching a Food Startup? Lessons From Two Tech Entrepreneurs (VentureFizz)

L-Theanine: Why Tea is the Original Productivity Hack (CogniTea)


Short Stories:

A Case of Working Madness (Lit Up)

God Rays from a Park Bench and All I Want Is Answers (Creative Cafe)



Aaron is a published poet. His work can be found in journals and publications such as Chronogram, Lit Up, P.S. I Love You, The Creative Cafe, The Junction, and others. You can read his work on Medium.

Aaron’s first anthology is coming out later this month. Sign up now to receive the ebook version for free!

Excerpt from the book:

Poetry Ebook Page 8