Hey! I’m Aaron.

I’m a freelance marketer + writer, traveling and climbing around the world.

You can say I’m adventurish. Mostly I’m pretty ordinary.

I write about lesser known climbing areas and climbers with interesting stories, ways to travel cheaply, love and heartbreak, poetry (see the preceding line item), and I create content for brands.

This wasn’t always the case, I used to be the head of sales for several startups, but that lifestyle wasn’t quite right…

Alas, a major theme of the past few years has been to explore what “living well” means to me.

This notion has led me to teaching entrepreneurship in Ghana (“akwaba” means “welcome,” in Twi), fostering simplicity by working on a farm, and taking that trip I’ve always dreamed of: Traveling through E. Europe for a year (and maybe… umm… assuredly longer 😁). Oh, and climbing more (clearly).

At this point, to live well is to live interestingly.

Why? Well, one, it’s more fun this way. Two, I believe pursuing interesting teaches you about yourself. Your interesting is the outward extension of your inner drives, an indicator of what makes you tick. It’s a simple heuristic that forces you to look inward to see what truly fans your flames.

In the end, I’m pretty normal: Just a guy pursuing these combustibles with a bit more oomph these days.

Welcome. Feel free to reach out, and I hope you enjoy the tales!