Training Journal: 2/18/19 – 2/24/19

I haven’t been able to climb much in the past two months, so I’ve been trying to make up for lost time now that I’ve been able to be in cities with climbing gyms. Would have liked to go for a long run.

Travel got in the way. I need to figure out ways to do smaller/ travel friendly workouts. Specifically, I want to clarify exercises to focus on, and design workouts so that I can do them with limited time and equipment, and on the road. In the past, being clear with what I need to do each day makes it easier to do the task. Right now it’s a lot of freewheeling, which is okay for the time being.

Rest. Had to take a 4.5 hour round trip bus ride for a meeting.

32 minutes of step-ups with 20lb. bag, 896ft of vertical.

1.5 hours of bouldering. Focused more on crimps, pinches, and slopers at Centrala de escalada in Cluj Napoca.

Thursday (Birthday!)
1.5 hours of bouldering at SKAI Urban Crag in Cluj Napoca. More power moves and overhang work. Finger and forearm strength is starting to come back, albeit finger tendons in middle and ring fingers are a bit tender.

One Leg Deadlifts: 4×10
Pushups: 4×50
Serratus pushups (for training upper middle back): 4×15

Bought myself my first ever pair of climbing shoes!


1.5 hours of bouldering. Focus was back on crimpy, balancy, pinchy holds and footwork. Really like the fit of my new shoes, excited to see how they do when they’re broken into. Back to Centrala de escalada.

Fingers are feeling a bit sore, decided to take Sunday off from climbing.

Rest. 4+ hours of plane travel and a long layover. Went for a casual walk about Dublin.

Feature photo by the author, from SKAI Urban Crag.

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