Training Journal: 3/4/19 – 3/10/19

Ah, this week felt good. Bouldered 3x and my strength is starting to come back. One session was for power-endurance and the body responded well, I was able to focus on each move through the repeats. The long run was surprisingly strong in snowy, drizzly conditions.

View of Boston in the distance, from atop Prospect Hill Park in Waltham.

42:00 of step-ups with 25 lbs. 1,386 vertical feet.

1.5h bouldering. This was an endurance-focused workout, doing 4x4s on V2s and V3s. Worked on crimps, pinches, slabs.


2h bouldering. Projecting on V6s and V7s with lower grades interspersed. Worked on crimps, small edges, chips for footholds/ balance work, slopers, body tension, etc.

Went running on a trail that ended up being too icy and snowy. Too much sliding around, so I cut the run short.

Morning: Hike in the woods. Casual, some uphill.

Afternoon: 1h bouldering. Went with a friend who wasn’t having a great time so this was a relaxed session. Worked at a V4-V5 range, focusing on crimps and pinches.

The GPS was acting funky and incorrectly recorded the distance and speed for the first few miles. This was closer to 8.5 miles and a 9:30 min. pace.

The week before, in Dublin, I was seriously struggling on the 70 min. run. This week the body felt a little slow at the start, but things came together throughout and I finished strong.

Feature photo by the author.

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