Training Journal: 3/11/19 – 3/17/19

This was a week of 2s: Bouldered 2x, two step-up workouts, two rest days, and well, one run.

My strength and coordination is getting back to normal for bouldering, and my endurance for step-ups is improving. Bumped up weight to 40 lbs. too.

Nice long run of 90 minutes, continuing to increase time each week.

Rest day.

1.5h bouldering. This was an endurance-focused workout, doing 4x4s on mainly V2s, V3s, with a V4 and V5 thrown in. Worked on crimps, pinches, slabs.

30:00 of step-ups with 40 lbs., 960 vertical feet.

4×10 one-leg deadlifts
4×50 pushups

2h bouldering. Projecting on V6s, V7s, V8s. Worked on crimps, slopers, slabby, pulls at odd angles.

35:00 of step-ups with 40 lbs., 1,050 vertical feet.

Rest day.

Felt stronger than last week, and picked up speed towards the end. I felt I could run a few more miles. Took a bit of time to get to an easy breathing rhythm, so I may try starting more slowly and gaining speed as I go along next week.

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