Training Journal: 3/18/19 – 3/24/19

I’m on a business trip (10 days), that I’m kinda kicking myself for how long it is because it’s getting in the way of climbing and step-up with a lot of weight.

Oh well. One bouldering session (the day before I left), one run, one hike (thank god).

1:50 of bouldering. V3-V6s, focusing on pinches, crimps.

Flew into CA, felt tired and groggy, but forced myself to go on a run.

4×25 bodyweight squats
4×50 pushups
7x7s hangs (1 pad) on a door frame
3×10 one-leg deadlifts

20 minutes of step-ups, 400ft. of elevation, no weight.

50 pullups
75 bodyweight squats
8x10s finger hangs
3×10 hanging crunches

Rest day.

8 mile hike, ~2,000 ft. of elevation, through the hills around Pacifico, CA.

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