Training Journal: 4/8/19 – 4/14/19

First time outside bouldering this season! Wahoo! 3 climbing sessions, 1 step-up session, 1 yoga session. Really should keep up my running…

2h of yoga.

30 minutes of step-ups. 1,080 ft. vertical, carrying 42lbs.

2 hr. of top-roping: 5.10-5.12-. Mostly crimpy, pinchy, balancey routes.

2 hr. of bouldering. V4-V8. Didn’t spend a lot of time resting, wanted to try a lot of different problems.

Rest day.

First time bouldering outside this Year! Sent several V1s, V3, almost completed a V5, did some traversing and just playing around on the rock.

Rest Day.

Feature photo source: The author

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