Training Journal: 4/22/19 – 4/28/19

35 minutes of step-ups. carrying 42#. It wasn’t all vertical, I was walking outside so there was more walking on flat ground between steps.

1.25 hrs. of bouldering, 4x4s in the V2-V4 range. Then 35 min. of core and shoulder work.

1.5 hrs. of bouldering at the Middlesex Fells. Did some easier routes, V1s and V2s, some traverses, and maybe a V3 climb to finish.

4 mile hike with a 42# backpack on. Working to get my legs stronger and my back accustomed to carrying a heavy load.

2 hrs. bouldering at the gym. Worked V5s, mostly, with a few V6, V7, V8s in there.

Photo source: Friend of the author

Climbing at Crow Hill! It was pretty wet and we had to start later in the day, but we were able to get 3 trad climbs in. These were in the 5.5-5.7 range.

Rest day. Stretching and foam roller.

Photo sources: The author

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