Training Journal: 4/29/19 – 5/5/19

Lighter week. I climbed 3x, 2x outdoors for full days. Haven’t run in a few weeks and step-ups with weight has gone down.

Climbing at Farley! We did a mix of sport and trad climbing. I attempted a bouldery 5.11c and got shut down at the roof/ crux. We did 3x 5.9s and some 5.6ish trad leads.

Short ~2.5 mile walk in the woods with dogs, carrying #42 on my back. Not too strenuous.

Rest day. Stretching and foam roller.

~1.5 hrs. of bouldering indoors, doing mock pro placements. This involved a lot of hanging and “placing” gear, with the aim of getting more accustomed to the longer time it takes to put in pro. Shoulder exercises.

Rest day. Walk in the woods with the dogs.

Climbing at Rumney! It was my first time at New England’s sport mecca. It was a bit wet so our options were limited. We did some easier warmups (after trying a route that was dry, and ended up being a 12.c, i.e., we barely got off the ground), did a longer slabby trad route, a bunch of 9s and some 10s.

Rest day. Walked in the woods, explored some boulders. Did some easy problems, maybe V1. Stretching and foam roller.

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