Training Journal: 5/20/19 – 5/26/19

I was “on assignment” this week at Rumney, NH, where I did more hiking about and taking pictures than climbing (unfortunately). But, it was for a paying gig, so I’ll take it.

Mostly a rest day. Shoulder exercises, bench, arms, foam roller.

1 hour hike with the dogs and a 42# backpack. I didn’t record the hike, but maybe around 2.5-3 miles in total with a few hundred feet of elevation.

Rest day.

Photo taking at Rumney

Short bouldering session at Rumney. Got in late, really buggy, and needed to get to other climbing areas to take photos.

Short sport climbing session (only did 3 climbs) and a lot of hoofing it up and down Rattlesnake Mountain. Again, for taking photos.

Shoulder exercises, bench, arms.

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Wasn’t so hot by the saltwater spray.

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Bouldering at Rafe’s Chasm in Glouchester, MA. Stunning location, right by the Atlantic. Had it all to myself. Tried a bunch of made-up-ish problems, from traverses to a sketchy jug fest to slabs.

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