Training Journal: 2/25/19 – 3/3/19

First week that I’ve done two runs in a long time. Two bouldering sessions, my strength is starting to come back. More focus on whole body work.

Entrance to Phoneix Park in Dublin. Photo by the author.

Morning: Run through Dublin, from Trinity College, along the River Liffey and to Phoenix Park. It’s basically already spring here, t-shirt weather (for running), flowers are blooming. Quite nice.

Didn’t feel great today. Body was lethargic, legs felt heavy. Need to put more time into running to get back into shape.

Evening: 1:40 hours of bouldering at Gravity Climbing Centre. Mostly in the 5a-6b range.

Rest day. Travel from Dublin to Boston.

1:30 hours of bouldering at Central Rock Framingham. V5-V7 range.

500 pushups

Run through Gardener, pre-wedding. Felt much stronger than the last run.

Post-wedding rest. 😁

Morning: Walk in the woods. Maybe around 5 miles. Very casual.

100 pullups
120 squats
1-legged deadlifts: 4×10
200 pushups

Feature photo courtesy of Gravity Climbing Centre

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