Training Journal: 5/6/19 – 5/12/19

Kinda going with the flow here and climbing when I feel like it (generally about every other day), focusing on bouldering and trad (when I can). Mostly being pretty lax, but I am sending harder. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

~2 hrs. bouldering. Focused on harder stuff, v5-v10 (v10 was mostly flailing after a few months), with an emphasis on overhang. Shoulder exercises.

Rest day. Pull-ups, one-armed hangs, foam roller.

Rest day. Casual walk in the woods with the dogs, ~3 miles.

I call it, “Nonamenclature” (v2+)

Started exploring some boulders/ small cliffs in town. They are dirty but climbable (and probably have been climbed before). Began cleaning and climbing some lines. A little fun hobby.

1.5h of bouldering.

40 min. of step-ups with 42#.

Map of Lincoln Woods bouldering areas. Photo source: Mountain Project

Bouldering at Lincoln Woods. Sent the fun Peace Dove (v3) and the classic The Wave (v2). Really digging bouldering more and more.

Rest day. Foam roller, stretching.

Photo sources: The author (unless otherwise noted)

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